Monday, December 2, 2013

11 things i learned in november

November 2012

I'm linking up again with Emily at Chatting at the Sky about what I learned this month! This month I learned some some really great things, as well as a couple bad things. Such is life, right?

1) I learned that I love the show Call the Midwife, and that it makes running go so quickly!

2) I learned that anesthesia and I do not get along.

3) I also learned that someone in another state has a bank account with my SSN. Doesn't appear to be fraud because my credit record is clean, except for some overdraft fees on said account. It's under investigation by the bank. Sure hope it gets cleared up soon!

4)  I finally tried out Google calendar and I really like it!

5) All of you from Indiana, did you know that Vera Bradley started in Fort Wayne? Cool, huh?

6) I learned what "Multum non multa" means. ("Much not many" in Latin.)

7) This isn't something I learned, but my son... he's walking now! :)

8) I learned that making lip balm is a lot easier than you would think! And super fun.

9) I learned that taking a three hour road trip for a friend's birthday party is totally worth it. Even if it means you get back and to bed at 3 am. Always worth it!

10) I learned how to shop ethically with this great guide from The Art of Simple.

11) I learned that Elder Porphyrios, who wrote Wounded by Love (which I happen to be reading right now!), was canonized a saint on November 27th. Today is his feast day! You can read about his life here as well as the life of St. Meletios, another newly canonized saint, whose feast day is on my birthday! Glory to God for granting us modern saints.

In December I hope to learn how to make stockings for Christmas and sourdough bread! :)

What is something you learned or want to learn?

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