Monday, December 23, 2013

taking a deep breath before the long ride

Click, click, click. Up and up to the top of the hill...

I feel like I'm just about at the tippy top of a roller coaster, the plunge coming any second. Or, maybe I've already taken it.

I'm sure many people are feeling this way with Christmas just around the corner. I remember last year we seemed busy until mid-February, with a wedding to travel to after the holiday season was over.

But this year... well, we're moving and it seems like this ride won't slow down until this time next year. That's how it seems. I'm probably exaggerating.

Regardless, life is going to change on January 10th and in big ways.

My husband won't be walking to work or coming home for lunch. We won't have internet (for the time being) and I won't have access to a treadmill. I'll be caring for my parents' chickens and tending a fire to stay warm. And I'll be surrounded by boxes and to do lists. Oh wait, I already am!

But, I'll also be surrounded by beautiful land wrapped in silence. I'll be close to my parents and other family. I'll be moving closer to our dream.

But dreams take time and I'm afraid I'm not very patient. The biggest thing I think I'm going to struggle with is the state of the home. I want it to look the way I want it to look and right now! It took me all year to get this home the way I wanted (well, good enough at least), and we were already moved in! I don't want to wait another year.

So I'm praying for patience. I'm praying for God's will, and that I will accept it. I'm praying for strength through this time because I'm a little afraid I'm going to be in a bit of a pit for a while. As in, looking up from the bottom of a pit and having no idea how to get out.

Now, that's a bit dramatic. And that's not how I feel right now. I'm just afraid that on a cold dark winter night, after a long day, that I will feel that way. And so I'm taking a deep breath and praying.

I'm not by any means complaining. I'm very exited! I just realize that it is going to be a big adjustment for all of us. All change is hard, even if it's good.

I already sent my Christmas greetings, but I'll say it again. I hope you have a blessed, joyous Christmas! And if I'm not back on before the new year, I wish you a happy New Year, full of promise and grace.

And thank you all for reading. Really, I so appreciate it!

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