more about me

I'm Hannah.

I grew up in a small town in a Christian home. My family joined the Eastern Orthodox Church when I was 11. I took the faith as my own somewhere around 19, with many ups and downs. After college, I kept on the right path and married the man of my dreams, William, a couple years later in 2007. We traveled around the US for four years while he played baseball in the minor leagues for the Boston Red Sox. In that time, we had our daughter, Euphemia (aka Sweet Girl), in July of 2010.  A year later he decided to move on and we moved back to my hometown where he is the assistant coach at the local college. We had our son, Michael (aka Bubby), in July 2012. We have many dreams for the future, but try to live in the present. 

I love be with my husband and children, family and friends. I love to cook and host, read and learn. I want to learn more about sewing, writing, traditional food, natural living, and small farming. I love chocolate and the color purple, although navy is becoming the new favorite. My biggest desire is to become the woman God created to me to be, and to one day join Him in His kingdom, along with my family.

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