Friday, December 9, 2011

Belated Review/Preview

If I could take pictures with my eyes and write posts with me head, you would hear a lot more from me... maybe too much! A lot is going on my head, as usual, but not a lot of time for blogging. As I wrote about recently, blogging is just lower on the priority list right now.

November was a good month. For the most part it was calm and normal, with a few birthday parties sprinkled in to add some fun. Of course, the almost last week of the month was spent traveling - lots of traveling. It was wonderful to see family, but exhausting for us all (we had a lot of driving!).

Goal-wise I was more slack. I didn't get all my Christmas gifts bought and made. As of now, I will go to a couple stores tonight (baby free!) and get some stocking-stuffer type gifts. We still have to draw a name on my side of the family (the siblings do this) and I will have to buy for that person. Other than that, I'm done with spending! But I have a lot of gifts to still make. Once I have everything made, I will post a picture of each thing. I'm pretty excited about the ones I've done already. (This might be after Christmas, since some people who read my blog are, or parents of, recipients.) So that is my sole goal for December - finish gifts!

Until then, don't expect to hear from me really. Maybe, but probably not. It's a busy, and wonderful, time of year.