Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poem: Softly

This poem was written on April 15, 2006. That spring I was very focused spiritually during Lent, and just before Pascha I received the first letter from my now husband (who was totally off the radar beforehand). I don't remember if this was written before or after our correspondence so it could be written with him in mind, or just some unknown future someone. 


If you yell, I will not come.
If you scream, you will fail.
But speak softly, and call my heart.
Then will it slowly come around.

For yelling is just noise, 
and screaming is harsh.
If you want my attention, 
I say it again, speak softly.

My heart has been yelled at, 
the screaming left scars.
But speak softly and it will heal.
Be tender and it will respond.

To yell is to kill, 
and to scream is to harm.
But a soft voice is a balm
to the wounds left behind.

My heart is soft and kind
so words of the same it will hear.
Call it to you softly, 
and it will answer - softly.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Kitchen

Finally... I'm so happy to post these pictures! It's only been a few months, but it feels like forever to me because I have been working on things for the kitchen on and off the whole time! The changes were gradual so it doesn't really feel like this big, all of the sudden, change. But I am really enjoying it for sure!


What I did: removed some cabinet doors; put fabric in the backs of those cabinets (Got the idea on Pintrest. Here's the link.), painted, made hand towel (see below) from this tutorial. I am making a mat for the floor, but not sure it's going to turn out...
Definitely home-made! haha Not perfect, but pretty.

What I did: painted, sewed snaps on a pretty napkin and hung it like a towel, switched things up on front and top of the fridge (it's a little cluttered right now because we have a lot of snacks at the moment), added pennant decoration on the door, and put different things on the shelves next to stove.

What I did: painted, put up shelves (well, Coach did with a little help from me!) and decorated, made tablecloth and added place mats.

Close up of the table cloth. I just love the print!

And that folks, is my "new" kitchen! I have to give credit and thanks to my husband for letting me bounce ideas off of him for months, removing the cabinet doors, watching the kids while I reorganized the kitchen, painting with me, putting up the shelves, cheering me on, and, in general, putting up with me through the whole thing! He is so wonderful! And thank you to our friend who gave us the paint!!

 I have been doing little things here and there throughout the house, but none of them are close to "done". And it will probably be a while before they are. However, when they are I will post pictures here! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Poem: Blue Eva

Life feels heavy right now. And busy. BUT I'm not going to write about that.

Instead, here is a light-hearted poem I wrote on June 8, 2011 for a girl named Eva.

At the time I was a recent high school graduate in Germany with a group from school and Eva was one of the high school students hosting us. I did not stay with her, but all the American and German students were pretty close, for the short amount of time we knew each other. Eva was sweet and quiet. And I still miss her when I think of her.

Blue Eva

Eva's color is blue
which is not something new.
Something blue is the sky.
And sometimes also goo.

Eva sometimes seems blue
but that's not true.
Instead she is thinking
about everything, including you.

What do you think when you see blue?
Maybe water, maybe glue.
I think of Eva
and tell her, "I love you!"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Poem: Worried Little Soul

Disclaimer: By sharing these, I am not claiming to be some great poet! I have hidden these for years, but when I rediscovered them, I felt compelled to share, because I'm trying to share myself more. These are windows into my heart, not great works of art. Please be gracious!

I love going to concerts where the musician explains the story behind the song. And for each poem, I plan do that for you. I'll give you some background info as well as my thoughts on it today.

The date noted is Jan. 28th, but no year. My guess is 2009. Coach and I were living with his parents for the off-season. I was working part-time at Godiva at the mall. Money was super tight, I had a lot going on, and really wanting more out of life. I was reading a great book called Calm my Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow, which probably inspired this poem a bit. And not much has changed. I often feel this way still!

Worried Little Soul

Sometimes I get to thinking
about all that's going on.
I wonder about the future
then dwell on what went wrong.

But I try to remember
it's God I need to fall on.
That in His time and in His will
all good things will come along.

Life can be stressful and
the days so quickly are simply gone.
Trust in the Lord in all these,
and peace will come before too long.

I want to plan ahead
everything that goes on.
But something will only happen
if the Lord brings in along.

I find it so hard to trust Him
but when I don't, I have a ton 
of things that worry me.
I can't get things done.

So trust in the Lord.
Take heart in the Son.
My worried little soul - 
all in God's time, it will come along.