Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: My "Me Binder"

On Thoughtful Thursday I share thoughts on ways I'm working to improve myself as a woman, wife and mother. 

I've had several binders and notebooks over the years, some just for organizing household chores and tasks, and some full of lists of books to read, movies to watch, and other random things. And when I think about it, everything was kind of scattered... I'd have scraps of paper with random ideas stuffed in my household binder or in my inbox waiting to be sorted someday.

One Saturday, maybe a month ago, I stumbled upon this post on Passionate Homemaking, a blog I like but don't check regularly. The post was about making a binder to organize all your tasks, something I've had different versions of for a few years now. But the example the woman gave of her own was more about her whole life, the sections divided by her different roles, rather than one aspect of her life - keeping up a home. This was like a light bulb going off in my head! I made mine that day.

Mine has eight categories for me to keep ideas, inspiration, lists, etc. in for the different roles I play in life. Here's my list with a brief explanation for each:

1. Hannah/Wife - This is where I have a list of my personal and spiritual goals, my wishful to do list, books to read, music to look into, and my ideal wardrobe list (which I hope to expound upon in a different post).
2. Mother - Here I have notes from an Orthodox book on child rearing as well as goals I have for my daughter (things to work on with her) and goals for myself as a mother.
3. Homemaker - I have a list of things I'd like to learn about homemaking, other goals, and general ideas for our home.
4. Friend - I made a chart with all my closest friends to keep track of things going on in their lives and things I want to ask them or talk to them about. 
5. Writer - I keep my post ideas here as well as other ideas for my blogs. However, now I've started a planner where I'm keeping ideas, so I probably won't be keeping blog things here. I will keep the category though because I have other writing ideas that I've had over the years.
6.Creator - This is my craft/sewing section where I keep ideas. It also has a pocket folder to keep current project plans or notes in.
7. Gardener - I have my garden plan here and I hope to add notes about my first gardening experience so I can remember my mistakes and (hopefully!) not make them again. 
8. Shopper - I keep a list of things we need/want and a list of gifts to buy as well as ideas for the future. In a folder pocket I keep monthly cash and a planner with birthdays.

I don't use this binder every day (I have a different system for chore and activity planning), but it's nice to have a place to put that idea that pops into my head and a place to find it when I want to come back to it (but can't quite remember the details!). As I made it, I cleared out two notebooks full of random lists and ideas! It felt so good to consolidate things! This probably sounds weird, but it makes my life, my brain and thoughts, feel more organized and structured! So, if you feel like your thoughts are all over the place and spilling out of your head, maybe you'd enjoy making a "Me Binder" too.

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