Saturday, March 31, 2012

Homemaking Saturday: Review/Preview

On Homemaking Saturday I share something I'm doing or learning to make my home a better place.

I'm going to cheat a little and do my Review/Preview post for my Homemaking Saturday. After all, it is the last day of the month and Saturday, and all things are related anyway.

I feel like I didn't get much done around the house this month. However, it was still a very good month - it was a visiting month. The first week my best friend came with her two boys for most of the week while hubby was in Texas with the team for Spring Break. On the second weekend of the month, my in-laws and brother-in-law were here. And there were plenty of baseball games to go to each week, I did a lot of babysitting (that's done for now), and other visiting with friends. In addition to that, here's some other things that went on:

1. We bought our first mattress! We were previously using a set my parent's own. It was a full; this is a queen. (Ahh.. more room!) I'm proud to say we bought it locally and the owner of the store and his brother delivered and installed it. How cool is that?
2. We also bought Sweet Girl a mattress. We're using an old bed frame from my parents. It's all set up, but she's not sleeping in it yet... just getting used to it. I'm waiting for a "good time" for this transition.
3. I researched and bought cloth diapers and covers for the baby. Right now, and in the past, we've used my sister-in-law's cloth diapers. However, she's due in October so I figured it would just be easier for us invest in some ourselves, now that I understand what it's all about!
4. I was able to clean each zone at least somewhat each week, like I talked about here.
5. I organized various sore spots in the house such as the spice drawer, electronic accessories, and storage boxes.

Although I still feel very well physically, I can feel myself slowing down some. I will start my third trimester mid-April. I am a mix of ambition, "nesting", and panic, as well as wanting to retreat and only read or rest (like I was during the first trimester) at times. I know I'm going to have to slow down before too long. In my mind, I want to get "everything" done in April and May, so in June and July I can just relax and take care of any final details. So here are some of  my ambitions for April:

1. Take Sweet Girl to the dentist.
2. Buy new glasses for me.
3. Get gardening supplies and start gardening! (I hope to post about this next week.)
4. Organize photos into photo albums.
5. Make laundry soap. (Maybe a couple batches.)
6. Organize fabric.
7. Decorate Mia's room a bit.
8. Put coats and winter things away. (I'm finally convinced spring is here to stay!)
9. Get my coat cleaned.
10. Make dark curtains for our room. (For when the baby's here! Right now we have only a sheer curtain over a picture window. It can be pretty bright.)
11. If possible, do things on May's list!!!

Phew! Does that make you tired? Well, oddly enough it energizes me and I feel I could do all of them right now before Sweet Girl wakes up! I'm sure it's from some strange pregnancy hormone fogging my perception of reality. But, God willing, by the end of April I will get all those things done. Thankfully, I already have my Easter/Pascha gifts for Coach and Sweet Girl. We are so excited to celebrate Easter with my family and our church community. We have celebrated at a different church every year since we've been married. It will be nice to be somewhere so familiar and comfortable. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and month of April!

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