Saturday, March 17, 2012

Homemaking Saturday: My Homemade Bag

On "Homemaking Saturday" I share something I'm doing, have done or am learning to make my home a better place.

The birthday present to myself and from my husband was this homemade bag. He bought the fabric (that I picked out) and I made it. I could not find a bag that I liked in the stores, so I made one! I spent a lot of time looking for an online tutorial for a bag that fit my ideal and one I could understand being a sewing novice. Finally, I combined and modified these two: A Simple Six-Pocket Bag and this Market Tote.

I searched for fabric at and found the floral fabric, which had to be ordered online. Once I got that, we went to Joann's and I picked out the other materials to go with it. It has twelve pockets, six on the outside and six on the inside. I wanted a pocket for everything so I didn't have to dig, dig, dig around for something.

I also made a wristlet to go with it so that I can have my cards, keys, and phone on me if I just need to run in somewhere.

It's definitely not perfect, but it was fun, it's purposeful and hopefully it'll last a while!

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