Monday, March 5, 2012

Defining My Roles

We all have multiple roles in our life. Some are more important than others. For me, the roles of being a godly woman, wife, mother, and homemaker are most important. These are connected directly with my relationships with the most important people in my life: Jesus Christ, my husband, and my children. Of course, extended family members and friends are very important too, but they are secondary. Most of my time is spent caring for my husband, children and our home. This is what I think about and the areas I strive to grow in the most.

This is how I define these roles for myself personally:

Godly Woman: to be constantly striving to serve God in my capacity as a woman and who I am personally; to seek His grace and strength at all times; the give thanks for everything; to always be learning and developing my talents.

Godly Wife: to serve with love and unselfishness; to be forgiving; to be a safe haven for my husband to come to and sort out his thoughts, struggles and dreams; to listen support and give without keeping a tally of how much I receive; to support, respect and love my husband.

Godly Mother: to serve with love and unselfishness; to consistently and lovingly discipline; to be a teacher; to be a safe haven.

Godly Homemaker: to work unselfishly at making a comfortable home; make the home a calm place; be a good steward of our resources and possessions; provide nutrition and health.

My hope is to share with you what I learn along this continual journey. I hope you enjoy it and maybe my lessons can encourage you as well!

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