Monday, September 9, 2013

thoughts on sharing my words

In the upcoming months, my posts will have a theme and connection to them. Before I begin though, I want to share these thoughts with you. A “disclaimer” if you will…

I’ve long felt afraid to share my writing - real writing, like a poem or story. Even what I share here is always a bit scary for me, but I console myself with the fact that very few people read it.

The thing with writing is that it’s a very private hobby. Musicians give concerts, artists have shows, writers… well, people read their words in private. And writing is done in private. Someone can write all their lives, and no one could know.
I know a guy who writes and records his own music. Every couple years, he comes out with a new album and gives us a copy. He’s not out to make money. (To be honest, he probably couldn’t if he tried.) I admire him for doing it. He enjoys it, and that’s why he does it. He has something to share, and he shares it.

When I think of all the writers that have influenced me, I am so grateful to them. What if they had chosen not to write, because they felt like they weren’t good at writing? What if they hadn’t shared because they didn’t think it was “good”?

I’m not saying I’m going to make a huge impact on the world - or even one person. What I am saying is, who am I to know? What if God will use me? What if He chooses to transform my unworthy words to help someone else? And I’m also saying, I enjoy writing and I have things to share. So good or bad - I’m sharing!

So much has been going on in my heart and my head this year. I’m trying to get it organized in words so I can share some things with you all here. As much as I don’t understand why, I have such a desire to share. I pray God is using me; I feel I am obeying Him. Thank you for accepting my blundering offerings!

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