Thursday, September 12, 2013

all these things :: september 12th

I'm going to start something new! Hope you enjoy it!

Just an overview of what is current in my life. A snapshot of how I'm trying to give "all these things" to Him and truly seek first His kingdom in my life.

Today happens to be my dear friend Natalie's birthday! Happy Birthday!

heart & soul :: musing on thoughts of a simpler life, living around the Church calendar, making traditions, and if God is trying to tell me something or if I'm making it up. (More to come on probably all of that!) Also, working on being a better mother. (see below!)

They really do love each other... if only they'd act that way all the time! :)

mothering :: oh, my! These days are tough. Lots of screaming, "Mine!" from the 3 year old and tantrums from the 1 year old (who can get to everything now...) And some ugliness from me, that, Lord have mercy, will be remedied. Praying for lots and lots of grace (and receiving it, thank the Lord!).

home & kitchen :: hmm, the CSA has wrapped up so I will be resorting to some of my frozen things for now. I really enjoyed canning green beans and tomatoes with my mother a few times recently. Coach has been making some rockin' salsa lately, and I'm back on track with making yummy meals instead of leftovers revamped up to 3 or 4 times. Somehow that happened a few weeks in  row.

rhythm :: I am liking the rhythm of this month. It's much slower. The day has a normal flow; I am sticking to my tasks and little daily things. The evenings are calm majority of the week. Even though Coach is in the fall season now, working Sat and Sun mornings, and Tues and Thurs evenings (in addition to the 9-5), it's still calmer than the summer, when he was doing all-day weekends and a camp and orientation.... He's actually home more now, which is so, so nice!

These beautiful tomatoes made my heart swell.

learning & growing :: Just finished Square Foot Gardening and made a rough plan for the spring. Hope to plant some lettuce once it cools down. Going to start taking composting more seriously (like, not just throw it all in a pile! haha) We thought we had some volunteer corn in our compost, well, we did, but it was not sweet corn. Sweet Girl was really disappointed. She had even helped me shuck. No, we are not gardeners. I plan to change that come spring. :) Now I'm reading (for the 3rd, no joke, time) Raising Godly Tomatoes. Cultivating children.

Looking forward to... tomorrow night when I gather with my ladies, and then Sunday! Leaving the kids with relatives and going shopping and getting sushi in the city with my groom to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! We'll come back to an empty home, get breakfast in the morning, then I'll pick up our sweeties. Notes: Our actual anniversary is Monday, and no, it wasn't my husband's idea to do the shopping... Actually, let's pray he can still tolerate me when we're done!

How has your September been? Have a blessed feast of the Exaltation of the Cross!

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