Monday, September 16, 2013

the sixth anniversary

There was an old truck on the farm when my family bought it, and when I was twelve I was hanging out in it one day. I turned the key just enough to turn on the radio and what I heard was "Have I Told You Lately" by Van Morrison. And as I listened to the words I thought, "I want my marriage to be like that." Twelve yeas later, I was dancing that song to with the love of my life. The man God blessed me with. 

(I just have to say this is a super cheesy smile - not his usual look!)
And six years after that, we are living that marriage. I thank God for that every day.
We celebrated yesterday with sushi and other yummy food and a house to ourselves.  It was a really wonderful time.
My heart it bursting with awe and gratitude to God for giving me this man who leads me, cares for me, listens to me... who knows me like no one else. I love him more than I did this day six years ago, and I look forward to loving him more and more as time goes on.

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