Thursday, September 26, 2013

all these things :: september 26th

Just an overview of what is current in my life. A snapshot of how I'm trying to give "all these things" to Him and truly seek first His kingdom in my life.

Today is Coach's name's day: St. John the Theologian. But his name is really William. Made his favorite meal today and cookies.

heart & soul :: Thinking some about my home and how to make to more practical and pretty. Has to do with the simpler life too. Still more thoughts and prayers about mothering. Overall, nothing too deep as I've been getting more rest due to a cold (which is gone now, thank God), so that cut into my thinking/soul searching time. :)

mothering :: Things are a bit smoother, yet still challenging. This article on whining really opened my eyes and my change of perspective has helped so much this week. This article too, although all I've really gleaned from it is how much I do say my childrens' names. No progress on changing that fact yet though.

home & kitchen :: I've actually done some fun things in the kitchen, but I'm going to share that in my next post. For the home, we rearranged again, I started a toy rotation yesterday, and I have a new look to our bedroom in the making. Posts about it all to come, I hope. Things are not "done" yet, but I hope to finish a couple projects next month and be able to post about it all then!

rhythm :: So, yeah, I said the rhythm had slowed down, and right after that it picked up. I don't think it's going to slow down until after New Years. sigh. Today I was thinking, "Okay, I can't control that some things just have to be in our schedule, but I can control how I feel about it." Well, it's something to work on I suppose. It's not that we're super crazy busy, it's that I like to have one, maybe two, out of ordinary things a week, and one, maybe two, busy-ish weekends a month. But it's more than that and I just like more time between things. They are all good things, and it will all be good. We did celebrate Sweet Girl's names day (St. Euphemia) on September 16th (yep, our anniversary!) with brownies. She was thrilled.

learning & growing :: Not much read in Raising Godly Tomatoes. Lots of learning in the kitchen. Planted some lettuce, but nothing showing yet. Bubba sure is learning though. He's actually crawling now, instead of only scooting on his bum. And he, finally, sat through a whole (little) book! Had a handful of impromptu learning moments with them including acorn hunting and squirrel watching.

Looking forward to... hiking tomorrow morning with friends, "Swap Party" with my ladies Saturday, then spending the weekend with Coach's family, including his grandmother that we haven't seen in a couple years!

How is your September going? I can't believe it's almost over!

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