Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Reflections

June 2013

This picture was taken around this time last year. The last child is my daughter and the grass she’s in is now our backyard. The land you see is the acreage behind our house. A lot has changed.

June 2013 - Our house is the one way back on the right (next to, but not part of, the white building).
We took a walk down to this house last year when my sister-in-laws were visiting. We had no idea we would move here in January. That the next year, they’d stay in it with us. Life can change so fast.

May 2014 - The garden

Yet, sometimes it feels so slow. Like this dream of living slower and being more self-sustainable. Well, those things take time to come around. Time and slow, but continual, change. Active change. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the dream alive. Hard when you realize all time and effort it takes to have the things that you want, like a garden. Hard when you realize that having a slower schedule sometimes means fighting against the system, or changing your own system.

June 2014 - Lots of growth!
Despite how I may feel, a lot of good change has happened this year so far. And mostly due to my husband. If I had been in charge of the garden, we wouldn’t have one. If I had to care for the chickens, I might have given them away. Yet, I am growing the baby – he’s doing the rest. So I guess I’m pulling my own weight. (And I still cook all the food.)


  1. I love visiting other people's vegetable gardens, and looking at pictures like yours is almost as good as being there in person. They tell a story of a very blessed life. And summertime!

    1. Yes, gardens are beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Make sure you post periodic pictures of your garden through the summer for me! I would love to see how much it grows. I should take pictures of my own garden.... someday...when I remember to get the camera out. I'll at least try to make a point of taking a picture of my purple basil - apparently (according to Google) it makes better pesto than the green!

    1. I will try and yes, you should too! So, does the pesto turn out purple? I would surely be in heaven then! haha