Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weekly Goals: June 22-28

Overall, progress was good this week. I was thrown off a bit by traveling Wednesday evening to Kentucky with my husband and his summer travel team. We're still here and will be until Sunday. (It's been fun!) Below is a review of how I did on the goals. And new goals follow that.

      Goals for June 15-21

1.       Read the Bible a little every day. - Some days it was very little, but I did read some every day. 

2.       Write in gratitude journal throughout the day. - I did really well until we left for our trip, and haven't since...

3.       Write something every day (journal, blog, or letter). - I think Thursday was the only day I didn't get some writing done. 

4.       Do some sort of exercise every day. - Did very well Mon-Wed. 

5.       Hang the laundry instead of using the dryer. - I did this once. That's something!

Goals for June 22-28

  1. Continue reading the Bible, writing in gratitude journal, and other writing every day.
  2. Do some sort of exercise every day. 
  3. Hang laundry instead of using the dryer.
  4. Hand wash dishes instead of using dishwasher. 
  5. Spend some intentional time with each child. 
It has been nice to get away and have a bit of a vacation, but I will be glad to be home and get back into the every day routines such as these. 

Care to share a goal you have?

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  1. your gratitude journal habit is really inspiring to me! I thought of it for some reason the other day when I was driving down through Parke County to meet with my midwife, and spent the drive thinking about how life-changing it is to be thankful for everything. I felt pretty thankful on the beautiful drive with my beautiful baby going to see someone I love, but need to work on being thankful when it's not so easy. thanks for sharing this habit! I won't be reckless and say I'm going to try to do it but... it's a thought.