Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Father's Day... a little late

{I had this scheduled for Sunday, but I guess I forgot to hit publish! So it's a few days late!!}

In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to introduce you to my man, the father of my children. A blogger friend profiled her husband (sometime last year??) and I thought it was a great idea. Here I am much, much later, following suit.
Will with our youngest nephew
My husband, William Jesus Vazquez, is my favorite person. I honestly think I could be with him, and just him, for days on end without getting sick of him. This is not because he is a perfect person, but because he is the perfect match for me. He charges my soul. I feel safe, secure, and loved with him around.

When he and I started courting, he was still much more a boy than a man. He has grown so much in the past (almost) seven years of marriage, but he still has some of that boy side and I love that. He loves baseball and history. He’s an avid reader.  He loves food and makes some awesome salsa.

He’s an amazing father. He plays with the kids, reads to them, and teaches them. He makes sure we read the lives of the saints each day and say our morning and evening prayers.

One thing I admire about him is his friendliness. He’s generally quiet, but not shy. He’ll go up to anyone and introduce himself. If we’re in his hometown, and sees someone he used to know, he always goes up to them and catches up. He’s really good with people. He’s also a really good teacher. He taught me how to drive a stick shift and I was really impressed with how clear he made it and how patient he was with me.

His strongest desire is to serve God and learn more about Him. I am so thankful he is the spiritual leader of our family. He inspires me to seek, to read, to pray. Directly after that comes us, his family, and that extends to our extended family – both his and mine.

I thank God every day for him, usually multiple times a day. I am in awe that God would bless me to be the wife of such an amazing man!

What do you love about your man?

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  1. Very sweet post. :)

    What I love most about my man..... I can't say what I love MOST, because there are so many things that are awesome. But some of the first things that come to mind are these:

    1. I love how he knows how very flawed I am, and yet he still loves me anyway.
    2. I love how he helps me grow into a better person every day.
    3. I love how he gives his whole heart to providing for our family and does it without complaining. Ever.

    I'll stop, because the list would get too long. :)