Monday, November 4, 2013

the complicated process

When I think about simplifying my life, images of peace, organization, and a load taken off appear. Yet, in my experience, this is not the case. Eventually it is, but not during the process. Any type of organizing and simplifying, whether it be your closet or your life, involves pulling out the good with the bad and sorting through. It involves changes and messes. It’s not exactly a simple process.

But the goal is to get to something simpler. And I try to remember that when I feel like I’m in over my head and surrounded by stuff or undone tasks. I remind myself that it will get cleaned up and then I will be organized, then things will be simpler.

Yet, I also have to remember that it is never done. It’s a cycle of constant upkeep. However, once the initial overhaul is done, the maintenance is simple, as long as I keep up with it.

This year for me as been a series of (or sometimes coinciding) projects all started with the intention of making life simpler. And the hard work has paid off. Yet, there is more to do. I’m accepting that not everything will be done at once. There will always be something. And honestly, that’s how I like it.

Have you had the same experience with organizing/simplifying projects?


  1. I think you are right..the process is like a lake that turns once a year....all the things from the bottom surface, and then they settle down. However, the lake is clean and healthy again. I have been working on simplifying for ten years..still simplifying. I think it is the process of keeping things simple that constitutes a simple life. I like your blog...very genuine.

    1. What a great analogy! It's still a struggle for me to accept that I'll never be "done." But maybe if I keep thinking of it as a cycle, not a race, then I'll find more peace. Thank you for your comment - and the compliment. They mean a lot!