Sunday, November 3, 2013

October links

Here are some posts that really inspired me in October:

3 Paralyzing Statements That Keep You from Your Best Work - Written by Emily (on a different blog). She's just always inspiring... as you all already know I think so! :)


A Safe Haven - by an Orthodox mom I started following recently. As a blogger, I related very well to what she had to say.

Take Care of the Angels - stumbled upon this and it made me cry. If you have trouble with your children in church, like I do, read this. Not to say we shouldn't work to train our children to be respectful in church, but to have the right heart about it.

And a couple from my sister-in-law Lisa who just started a blog:

The Importance of Repetition and Memory or if you just have a quick minute read You Become What You Behold.

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