Thursday, March 7, 2013

Poem: Worried Little Soul

Disclaimer: By sharing these, I am not claiming to be some great poet! I have hidden these for years, but when I rediscovered them, I felt compelled to share, because I'm trying to share myself more. These are windows into my heart, not great works of art. Please be gracious!

I love going to concerts where the musician explains the story behind the song. And for each poem, I plan do that for you. I'll give you some background info as well as my thoughts on it today.

The date noted is Jan. 28th, but no year. My guess is 2009. Coach and I were living with his parents for the off-season. I was working part-time at Godiva at the mall. Money was super tight, I had a lot going on, and really wanting more out of life. I was reading a great book called Calm my Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow, which probably inspired this poem a bit. And not much has changed. I often feel this way still!

Worried Little Soul

Sometimes I get to thinking
about all that's going on.
I wonder about the future
then dwell on what went wrong.

But I try to remember
it's God I need to fall on.
That in His time and in His will
all good things will come along.

Life can be stressful and
the days so quickly are simply gone.
Trust in the Lord in all these,
and peace will come before too long.

I want to plan ahead
everything that goes on.
But something will only happen
if the Lord brings in along.

I find it so hard to trust Him
but when I don't, I have a ton 
of things that worry me.
I can't get things done.

So trust in the Lord.
Take heart in the Son.
My worried little soul - 
all in God's time, it will come along.

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