Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poem: Softly

This poem was written on April 15, 2006. That spring I was very focused spiritually during Lent, and just before Pascha I received the first letter from my now husband (who was totally off the radar beforehand). I don't remember if this was written before or after our correspondence so it could be written with him in mind, or just some unknown future someone. 


If you yell, I will not come.
If you scream, you will fail.
But speak softly, and call my heart.
Then will it slowly come around.

For yelling is just noise, 
and screaming is harsh.
If you want my attention, 
I say it again, speak softly.

My heart has been yelled at, 
the screaming left scars.
But speak softly and it will heal.
Be tender and it will respond.

To yell is to kill, 
and to scream is to harm.
But a soft voice is a balm
to the wounds left behind.

My heart is soft and kind
so words of the same it will hear.
Call it to you softly, 
and it will answer - softly.

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