Sunday, October 9, 2011


I found myself greeting another new month, my head full of goals and plans. I am glad this month is not as busy as last month was. For one, Coach will be home in the evenings for dinner and home on the weekends, mostly. A lot of events happened in September too, one after another. October has it's fun things too, but more spread out.

The first few things happened this week already. Thursday I went to Amish land to a bulk store and a farm for fresh cheese (more on that on another post). Friday a friend came with her two children for the day and we had a lot of fun together. Saturday was my 10-year high school reunion (post coming on that too). This week is low key. Just a doctor appointment for Sweet Girl on Wednesday.

The 16th is the first day of a family reunion with my dad's siblings. It will be just a couple hours south of us and last until Wednesday morning. We will be staying in a cabin with my parents. It's a state park and the area is gorgeous, especially at this time of the year. I am really looking forward to it! Plus, they have an awesome indoor water park. I'm sure Sweet Girl will love splashing around!

The weekend after that, the 22nd, Sweet Girl and I will finally visit my friend and her new baby. We'll come home on Tuesday. Coach has things happening on campus so I thought it was a good opportunity to go.

Other than that, the days will be "ordinary" days! I'm glad to have some normalcy and hope to get some projects (and relaxing) done.

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