Monday, October 31, 2011

Blogging, Part 2

I've created some, hopefully, realistic goals for my two blogs. I have this blog and also a kind of generic family one with pictures and short updates, for family who care, but don't want to sift through my ramblings, ha ha.

I thought of an overall goal for this blog. It's sort of like a vision and something to help me keep focused and determine which random thoughts should be posted and those I should keep to myself. "A place for inspiration in homemaking, mothering, and spiritual growth." May God help me!

More concrete goals:
1) Write a review/preview each month on each blog.
2) Write monthly goals for each month on this blog.
3) Review goals at end of the month on this blog.
4) Write "New Favs" each month on this blog.
5) Write about any tips, things I learn, issues I go through, as appropriate, on this blog.
6) Write about Sweet Girl's developments each month around birth date (18th) on family blog.

So be looking for some new things! I started something new that is really helping already. I hand write my ideas for posts and even write first drafts in a notebook. I try to put this in my nightstand so when I get flashes of inspiration in the middle of the night, I can just jot it down instead of trying to remember it or having to get up. Also, I can write things down throughout the day instead of waiting for a program on the computer to load or using scraps of paper that get lost. I guess you could say I found a way to organize my thoughts! It feels good and I'm pumped up about blogging instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed. So please, stay tuned!

Do you have goals for your blog(s)? How do you stay focused? Organized? Motivated?

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