Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogging, Part 1

I've been reading some about blog improvement lately. I read just enough to know I am not ready or interested in reading more. I do not feel I have the time or creativity (or time to think creatively?) to follow the tips, although they are geared toward simplifying.

Doing this reading has, however, make me really think about why I blog. I mean, I don't particularly aspire, for now, to gain a huge following. The idea of authors of blogs I follow faithfully reading my blog makes me cringe. To be perfectly frank, even my best friends do not know about this blog, yet. Only a few friends who also blog and one or two others I told in a moment of boldness. And my husband. He's my biggest fan.

So if I'm not concerned with people reading my blog, why post? Why do I do it? That is a good question and and first I didn't really know. After thinking about it more, I found three reasons: 1) I like to, 2) it's a creative outlet for me and 3) it challenges me. It's a place for me to document my life and sort out my thoughts. To write for even an imagined audience is different than a journal and I enjoy trying to express myself in interesting ways.

I suppose I have a distant imagining that people will stumble upon it ad find me clever. But, that's highly unlikely since I don't put my name out there. And the clever part too.

I am still left with a desire to solidify my blog's focus and develop some consistency. I have ideas rolling around in my head, but they will have to be explored in a different post.

Why do you blog?


  1. Hello Hannah...I live in Ohio, so we're neighbors, sort of...right? I have a daughter named Hannah (she's 10) and another one, named Olivia (she's 8). I blog as a way to journal my life, adding photos, recipes, crafts I've done and things that inspire me that I want to share with family and friends!

  2. Hi Marfa! Thank you for your comment! Your blogs are lovely!