Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writing Again

It's been almost a year, but I'm back for good. We have high speed internet connection, and I have lots to say! I get lots of ideas for posts throughout the day, but they seem to, of course, escape me when I try to recall them. Therefore, I will resume my "schedule" and post random things as I am able as well.

So what's going on with us? We moved two week ago, to the day, into a little house in town that my husband's work is providing. He's working as the assistant baseball coach at the local all men's college. I have enjoyed setting up the house and getting into good routines and cleaning habits (thanks to FlyLady - I recommend her book Sink Reflections). There are still things to do (especially before our open house in two weeks!), but daily life prevents too much of it getting done quickly. Bit by bit though...

Sweet E is such a little toddler now - no longer a baby! She is quite expressive and has her own ideas about everything! This is both good and challenging at times (like getting dressed). Also, there are times we both get frustrated because she is trying to tell me something by saying "da, da" (her word for just about everything) and I am looking at her clueless. However, she has started to sign some, which I had given up on! My favorite is that she can sign banana. She also is pointing, so that is helpful.

Today is thrift store day, and I'm very excited! I haven't been to them (there are 2 great ones plus a Goodwill here in town) in quite a while, and I actually have some money and things on a list to hunt for! W is not working this morning so he'll have E. I like shopping with her because she's good and fun, but it's also easier without her. I have a lot of little errands to do also.

I sigh when I think that this blog is not and never will be as eloquent or well written as other blogs I love and read. But this is me. This is my life. It helps me to share and maybe it'll help someone else too. Or at least be entertaining and enjoyable. No matter, I hope it blesses. I know it blesses me. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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