Thursday, August 4, 2011

In the Home

We've been in our house only two weeks, but it feels a lot longer for some reason. We hung the pictures and set out decorative accessories yesterday. Ahh.... now it feels like home! I love coming into a room and seeing the pictures or icons. It puts a smile on my face. I need to update a lot of the pictures, so that's a new project to add to the list! 

Also on the list is to iron a sheet. Why? Because it covers up this outrageously large TV in the living room. The house is furnished for us and this huge TV came with it. Now, we aren't totally against TV, but we don't watch a lot of it and we don't want it to be the focal point of our living room. Someday, we hope to have a computer/game/TV room and a TV will be prominent there, but it won't be our main living room or where we entertain guests. Anyway, I agonized about what we would do with this TV! It's too big to put in the basement. It's stuck. Strong Man mentioned covering it with a cloth, which lead me to think of a sheet - off white so it blends in with the wall somewhat. In front of it we put a short TV stand with our icons. The top of the TV holds our prayers and various books where Sweet Girl can't reach. There is about two feet of blank between our icons and the top of the TV, so I plan to make a "garland" with icon cards - like a clothes line with icons paper-clipped to it. The living room also needs an update on curtains...

Another thing on the list is to really clean the sink. It's porcelain and I hope to find a good article on how to clean it to make it pretty and white. After that, most of the moving in housework will be done. Then I would like to move onto other projects like scrap booking and sewing (Sweet Girl needs real curtains in her room!). For sure, I love having a little home to take care of!

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