Monday, August 22, 2011

"From the end of the earth I will cry to You,
When my heart is overwhelmed; 
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I."
   ~ Psalm 61:2 ~

Dear God,
Blogs are a blessing and a curse. So is all information, I guess. Sometimes I am inspired by other blogs, sometimes I get discouraged, bogged down and my vision and focus get blurred. So many beautiful blogs by so many talented women. I feel I have nothing to offer, yet I want to offer. I want to be an eloquent writer, with beautiful photographs, a great blog design, and have lots of crafty ideas to share. Or at least something unique. I read recently that each woman has a beauty distinctly theirs. I've asked You to show me mine. I still don't see it. Yes, I can think of lots of things I'm interested in, but I feel a lack of resources from all angles: money, time, space, energy... talent and ability. I know that I am doing important work, just by being Coach's wife and Sweet Girls' mother. And I love being these things and serving them. But I want a creative outlet for me and a I crave to be exceptional, recognized. Is that bad? Is it an ungrateful spirit trying to make me feel discontent? Or is it a longing to be more - who you made me to be? I know I can glorify You in all that I am doing now... and I guess my desires for more are selfish, worldly. So can You please take them? Give me a content heart with who I am, where I am. I guess I should ask you to do this each time I enter the blog world... that I can stay focused and be inspired... not compare or judge. Thank You Lord for helping me feel better already. I feel a huge weight off and I am being reminded of your little gifts today... like the hummingbird. Thank You for being such a personal, loving Father to a distracted, ungrateful, wandering daughter. May You always lead me back and may I always follow. I love You Lord. Help me learn to serve You more and more... as myself in the way only I can.
Love Always, Your Daughter Hannah

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