Saturday, September 4, 2010

Review/Preview of the Weeks

August 29th-September 4th

Sunday - Mia went to her first baseball game - the last half of it. She slept the whole time, waking up near the end to eat, which we did in the car. After the game she went in the locker room and met all the guys. She was quite social! We drove home and went straight to bed. She slept 5 whole hours that night!

Monday - Will tried to feed Mia with a bottle, but she just pushed the nipple out over and over. That was the end of that!

Tuesday - Just a normal day.

Wednesday - We went to my 6 week check up with the midwife. Apparently I had back labor with Mia... that's why it was so long and so painful!

Thursday - Took Will to the field and met a baseball wife and we went to the mall. It was SO hot here, I had to get out of the house to cool off. It was a nice time. After the game, I left Mia (sleeping sounding) and had my host mom's mom watch her. She didn't move the whole time we were gone... it was weird to leave her, but I'm glad it was fine!

Friday - Normal day.

Saturday - Normal day.

September 5th-11th

Sunday - We will go to the baseball game. It starts at one and I want to get there for the beginning because the team will be doing a Field of Dreams reenactment that sounds fun to see. Plus, I think we can handle a whole game at our home field. For dinner we will join our host family. It will be right in the middle of our bedtime routine but I will either have to do it early or later - probably later.

Monday - We'll go the the last game of the season! My aunt and her family will be coming up from Boston so it will be nice to see them. Maybe we'll have dinner with them afterwards...

Tuesday - We leave! We will leave early, around 5 or 6 and try to go 6 hours. We'll stop at a hotel for the night.

Wednesday - We'll drive the rest of the way to Will's Grandma's in Buffalo, NY.

Thursday - We'll make a day trip to Niagra Falls!

Friday - In the evening there's a baby shower with Will's relatives... it'll be interesting since it's right when Mia likes to nurse on and off for a couple hours!

Saturday - In the morning, we'll leave to go to Will's parents in Cleveland.

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