Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September 1st!

September may be my favorite month. To me it is the beginning of fall, my favorite season. It includes many birthday days: my youngest brother, my youngest brother-in-law, two of my best friends (same day one year apart!), my mother, and as of 12:07 am today, the second son of my best friend (one of the mentioned above)! And let's not forget the ever important wedding anniversary on the 16th, which I share with an aunt. Whew!

If that's not enough, it's a big month in the Orthodox Church. Today is the beginning of the Church year. The 8th is the Nativity (Birthday) of Mary, the mother of God. The 14th is the Elevation of the Cross (close to my heart because it's near our wedding anniversary). Also, the 16th is Sweet Girl's Name's Day (which, traditionally, can be celebrated similar to a birthday) and the 26th is Coach's Name's Day. So, yes, it's a busy, celebration-type month. I'm excited!

I set various goals for September to help me be focused with my time and energy. They include things such as blogging, reading, things with Sweet Girl, homemaking, crafting, and spiritual. We'll see how I do! I tried to keep it to only a few things per category, but my mind is brimming with things I want to do, so it was hard. More about all those later! Hope your September is blessed!

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