Monday, October 28, 2013

our bedroom

I had said way back in January that I was going to do a lot of home improvements to this temporary home. And I have. I already posted about the kitchen, and I have been waiting to do a "grand" post about all the other changes. Just as I was writing this, I realized that, really, the only room that's not "done" is the living room. And that might be another month.

So instead of one big house tour post, I will do it room by room, each weekend. (Although, I didn't have time to finish this yesterday, so it may come on Monday, or get skipped. You know how it goes.) Maybe I'll be "done" with the living room after I've posted about all the other rooms. And I keep writing "done" like that because, to me, no room is ever done. It means it's just "good enough for now until I change my mind/think of something better/get sick of it." It's just always evolving. However, it's usually minor changes and all the big changes have happened for the most part.

So... let's get on with it shall we? I've mentioned our bedroom a couple times, so here are some pictures and I'll tell the story.

Where our room was before...
We switched rooms with Sweet Girl in June, and put her and Michael together. Best idea ever! So thankful for that!

After the move, but before the recent change

And now...

Straight-ahead, closet to the right. Replanted basil plants in the southern light. Make-shift curtain. :) 

So I pulled out this blanket from between the wall and my daughter's bed about a month ago and I thought, "This is really cute!" I never really cared for it before, but it must have been the influence of Pintrest and fall. I'm really digging blue, yellow, and chevron. So, I put it on the bed, changed the pictures on the magnet board (our "head board"), the curtains, and added a few touches. It's very fall, so we'll see how long it lasts...

Some of my favorite things are on this dresser (okay, it's originally a changing table, but must we get technical?). In the frame is a card given to me from my grandparents when I was a baby. At the top it says "Everything wonderful" and, as you can see, the picture is a mother (with red hair!) with a daughter, son, and baby. So basically me - well not quite yet. But someday, and I love it. The dried petals are from my wedding bouquet.

As I decorated, I tried to keep in mind that this is a special place for me and my husband. It needs to be about and for US. So I tried to make it as lovey as possible. He'd probably add some baseball pictures, but where's the romance in that? He is happy about the blanket since the colors are the same as where he went to college. And, for now, I'm happy with it too. Not perfect, but pretty.

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  1. Love it! I think it looks cute both ways. It's very bright and cheerful.