Thursday, October 31, 2013

Making Art

I looked over the email after the four hour drive in the rain, and there were Emily's posts - prodding me to be more. To make art.

we will make art

I've been reading them all month, nodding my head along to the words, being inspired to embrace my art. But when I read about linking up, I went blank. What do I have to show? A picture of my kids? I know my art, this home and these hearts, but it sounds so ordinary. Yet, full of potential for extraordinary.

And then Sweet Girl asked me, could I help build a house? One with chairs and pillows and blankets. And I thought, "This is one of those moments. To step out of the ordinary, and make extraordinary memories."

So we built one, and it took less than five minutes. Immediately Michael and their father joined in on the fun, and I was forgotten. That's okay. I took a moment out for her. I chose not to be selfish. That feels good.

Every day is filled with these opportunities. I pray I can make the right choice more than I don't. I pray it can get easier... to choose to do right, to give, to love, to make art, even if it doesn't look like it.


  1. I just read this blog post yesterday:
    I thought it was so beautiful. I will have to look for this book.

    1. Yes, that was beautiful. Emily's blog has really changed my life. I am planning on getting the book soon!