Friday, October 4, 2013

all these things :: october 4

Just an overview of what is current in my life. A snapshot of how I'm trying to give "all these things" to Him and truly seek first His kingdom in my life.

No special event today, but on the 2nd, my best friend had her third child (a boy)! Thank God everything went fine and all are well. (And that I got a great convo in with her the evening before he came!)

heart & soul :: Yesterday I was spurred by this post to think about how God chose to make me, and to give more grace to myself - and everyone. And to hug my kids tighter. I especially like this line "You are not machine or robot or list, you are human – warm, tender,living." (Emily P. Freeman) The whole post reminds me of this line: "Glory to Thee for calling me into being." (Glory to God for All Things Akathist) I'm really enjoying her whole 31 days series. Is anyone else seeing these everywhere!? I thought about doing it, but I'm just not ready. Time-wise or as a writer. Which reminds me, I've been thinking about this blog of mine more - what kind of direction I want to take it (try to grow or not bother? monetize or not?). For now, I am just really enjoying sharing, and having a few extra visitors (according to the stats). 

mothering :: Yesterday I started working on the "infant tantrums" that are going on around here. I just read about them in Raising Godly Tomatoes. I've got my work cut out for me. ~ Lately I've really been enjoying Sweet Girl, which is so nice since we butt heads often. At least we have in the past... hopefully it won't always be that way! This morning she got one of her "babies" up and said prayers with her. Made my heart melt. 

home & kitchen :: I forgot to mention this before, but we've been using a new appliance - a counter oven. Think huge toaster oven, although it's technically not that. I've been baking all kinds of things in it lately (yesterday: fresh butternut squash from friends) and warming up everything. Sooo much better than the oven (and no, we don't use a microwave). Big thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for giving it to us! ~ We'll be getting a couple pieces of furniture from friends on Sunday, so I will be rearranging again. (And I'm so exited about it!) God is so good in how he provides for us! ~ Hoping to get a new (okay, real) compost system set up this week or next. ~ Things are coming together in the bedroom so I'm excited to share that with you soon!

rhythm :: The past few days since we got back from our trip have been very nice. I love getting back into routine. ~ I have 25 "projects/to dos" for the rest of the year. I'm not letting myself add anything, so, inevitably, I have started a list for 2014. :) This is me. I always think if I get x, y, and z done, then I'll be "done" and I can "relax" and just read books or watch a movie. But that never happens. Hence the rhythm aspect: I am toying with how to slow down my growing "to do" list. I know this is just how I am, but at the same time, I need to manage it so that I'm not feeling overwhelmed with all these things I want to do. I guess praying over a list and asking for discernment would be a place to start.

learning & growing :: Two other 31 days series that are connected are titled "Less & More." (two separate links) I'm really excited about these series. So far it's got me thinking about what I'm afraid of, and what I need courage for. And though there are probably lots of things that would fit that answer, the only thing that came to mind was more fully giving myself to my kids. I think this is more of a selfish issue than fear, but I still think it needs courage. So I'm hoping to grow in my sacrifices for my children. Like telling a story to Sweet Girl, when I really don't like doing it. Or just stopping what I'm doing to hold Bubba for a bit. To get past myself and my big agenda and just slow down for them a bit. I think I'm afraid of getting "behind" or not getting enough time for me and then, then... I don't know, being grouchy or feeling like I need a break. But usually, if I do just enter into them, all I feel is joy and peace because I am truly seeing them. 

Looking forward to... tomorrow - waffles for breakfast! Okay, seriously... weekend of the 12th our (new) bishop is coming to visit for the first time! Which means I'll be super busy next week, but I'll have a lot off my plate when it's over. (And maybe that's what I'm really looking forward to...)

Hope you all have had a great week - and will have a great weekend!


  1. I like your observation about rhythm. I just had a conversation recently about how "doing the next thing and then I can rest" can turn into a sort of idol and we can put our to-do lists before the people in our lives. It's definitely something I need to work on too.

    1. That's is a great point. It's got me thinking about this more thoughts, which will need a post of their own!