Thursday, July 18, 2013

three years ago...

All of her came out all at once in the early 3'oclock hour, after my grunts and groans of a jungle woman. And since, there have been many more groans and pains of love as I grew as a mother, and she as a daughter. Sleep issues, behavior issues, and issues of my heart as I became painfully aware of my selfishness and frailty. 

She continues to stretch me every day in self-control, attentiveness, and in giving love the hard way. She has an incredible sweetness, but it is mixed with a strong will and a tendency to complain. It is these last two that bring struggle because I have them too. I gave them to her by nature and example.

I pray that as I work to pull these weeds out of my heart, they will no longer give life to the weeds in her heart.

I know she will continue to teach me. We will contine to grow together. I have many regrets of the past three years in my mothering, but she is still healthy, smart, loving, and full of potienal. Glory be to God!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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