Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Love Story: the first day of courting

On July 1st 2006, my husband and I went on our first date. I saw him play baseball for the first time. And he asked me if I would "court" him. (Just for the record, we just used that word to clarify that we were building a relationship toward marriage, not just because we "liked" each other.)

My parents and I came to visit him in the town he was playing summer ball. His parents came too. This was our first time seeing each other since we had started writing letters a few months before. On Friday evening, my parents and I arrived and we took Coach out to dinner. I was super nervous and a little disappointed that he showed up in a t-shirt and jeans, with a baseball cap, but still totally smitten. (I had dressed up a little. After all, I wanted to impress the guy!)

August 2006

The next morning he picked me up at the hotel for breakfast out. I tried to match him in attire by wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but he under-dressed me again by showing up in sweats. (Granted, he was going straight to the ball field afterwards...) Breakfast went well, yet I left feeling like he didn't like me. He had basically asked questions, then I talked. Then he'd be quiet until he asked another question.

He took me back to the hotel and his parents met us all there. He left shortly after, and the rest of us continued to visit. My father then told me that Coach had asked him if he could court me. I said, "That's good." and Coach's mother started crying. It was exciting, but a bit awkward.

September 2006
There were two games that day. Between the games, Coach came out to talk to all of us and at one point it was just him and me. This is one of those memories in my life that could be in the movies. Keith Urban's "Love Somebody Like You" was playing in the background. Coach looked straight in my eyes and said, "I talked to your dad and asked him permission to court you. And I was wondering what you thought about that." I said, "I think that sounds great!"

And I smiled. And he smiled.

It's been seven years.

Here's an excerpt from my journal detailed my thoughts about Coach after that weekend:

"The thing I noticed the most and that impressed me the most was his 'gentle strength.' He was so gentle and calm, yet a man in his initiative, decisiveness, and leadership. It's an amazing combination that I had only semi-formulated in my head. To be around him is soothing to my soul. It's healing to my heart.

He's strong in who he is, but gentle about it. I love his voice. He asked the best questions and really wanted the answers. I can't believe he's interested in me! And I can't believe he actually exists! I mean, he is amazing! He's so simple and kind. Soft-spoken and soft-hearted.

I am amazed at God that one, there's someone with such a personality - better than one I've formed in my head, and two - even more amazing - that God has brought this person into my life! Even if just up to this day - or maybe forever!"

September 2006

And I am amazed and grateful to this day! God outdid Himself in making my dreams come true.

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