Friday, August 27, 2010

A Word on Faith - My 40 Days

In the Orthodox tradition, a woman stays home 40 days after giving birth. She doesn't even go to church. Sorrily, I can't explain the significance behind it, but, as with everything in the Orthodox faith, I know there is a deep and meaningful reason. However, having just completed mine, I will talk about what it meant to me.

Yesterday was my 40th day and I ended it all a little early by running a couple errands. Thanks be to God they went very smoothly, including a nursing in the car (piece of cake!). Today we drove a couple hours to where Will is with the team and are going to stay (hopefully) tonight and tomorrow night. It went fairly smoothly, though not as great as I had hoped. Yet, it is a learning experience - that's the point of the trip besides getting to be together.

Before these excursions, I did go to the store a few times, but never by myself with the baby. If I had before now, I think I would have been a nervous wreck! Not that I wasn't nervous these times, but I felt more confident. After all we had spent weeks just at home... nursing, learning to sleep and staring into each others' eyes. She gained 2 pounds in those weeks and started to smile. She has had little stress because all of her surroundings were the same since she came home from the hospital. I, as I wrote in my last post, have gained confidence and I was ready to test the waters of life outside of home with a baby. Religious reasons aside, I think it's very important for a mother to spend lots of time just being a mother.

Honestly, up until this time, I didn't really want to go anywhere. I didn't feel cooped up and I didn't, for sure, miss being around lots of people. I feel more complete and obviously I'm pretty preoccupied. I did get out of the house with one or two walks every day and I think that helped. I think it's a gift from our faith allowing us to put all things aside, even attending church, and reminding us it's okay to, and we should, focus on our little gift that came straight from heaven. I'm not sad that time is over, but I'm thankful to have had it.

Speaking of thanks... two random things I am truly thankful to God for. Today I had to go through 3 tolls and I didn't bring cash with me. Thanks be to God I had change for two, and at the third, the lady let me go without a fuss (I didn't even ask!). He always provides, even such little things!

Also, I am so, so thankful for the birth I was able to have with Mia. A friend recently had to have a C-section because her baby was breech and there was low amniotic fluid. Another friend is going to have to have one due to low amniotic fluid too. Both of them wanted natural births. I and so glad that I was able to have a spontaneous, natural birth and most importantly, a healthy baby. Glory be to God!

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