Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review/Preview for the Weeks

This past week was very busy for us compared to the previous weeks. Things aren't going to slow down for a while though!

August 22nd-28th
Sunday - We took Will to the field for the first time in the morning. After the 1:00 game, we met him back at the field to visit until the team left for the road trip. Many people stopped by and Mia was very social and even smiled at some people!

Monday - I had a WIC appointment at 1:00. Thankfully, it was quick and easy. Also, our host mom had her baby girl!

Tuesday and Wednesday - Just stayed at home, but did a lot of preparing for the weekend.

Thursday - Went to Target, Babies 'R Us, gas station, and ATM. Prepped for the weekend some more.

Friday - Left for New Hampshire to meet Will! This wore little Mia out and she slept a lot!

Saturday - Spent the day with Will. We had breakfast at the hotel and lunch at Panera. After Will goes to the field we will spend some time with a couple other baseball girls.

August 29th-September 4th
These are the plans, we'll see what actually happens! :)

Sunday - Take Will to the field and go meet the team with him. (Lord have mercy!) Go to the second half (or less) of the day baseball game. Go home with Will.

Monday - Tuesday - Nothing planned. Probably will be recovering from the weekend and doing a little packing for the upcoming move!

Wednesday - My six week appointment with the midwife. I'm excited to review the labor with her and hear things from her perspective!

Thursday - Saturday - Nothing planned at the moment. Probably more packing!

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