Friday, August 27, 2010

The Why

Since I joined the world of mothers a few weeks ago, I have had floods of “blog quality” thoughts race through my head. At first I resisted the idea. Why do I think others would care to read my thoughts? Why do I want them to? I had decided to just journal via the computer in a Word document. Yet, as I follow a handful of favorite blogs of mothers, some whom I know, some that I don’t, I feel inspired. I enjoy reading about their days, thoughts, adventures, challenges and victories. I feel a yearning to express myself. For some reason, I write differently when I know (or think) people will be reading. When I try to do the journal thing, it’s just that – a journaling of events. I don’t write creatively, and therefore don’t fulfill this need to express myself.

I don’t hope to compare to the blogs I love (see list). I simply hope to release my creativity, as meager as it may be, in order to have an outlet. This blog is for me. And if others read it and enjoy it… great!

The design I have in my head for this blog is structured. I’ve often seen this in other blogs that I’ve read and I think it will help me not only be fairly consistent, hopefully, but give me a structure for my thoughts, which feel rather scattered most the time.

Here’s what I am going to try:
            Sunday – off
            Monday – My Mia
            Tuesday – Thoughtful Tuesday
            Wednesday – off
            Thursday – In the Home
            Friday – A Word on Faith
            Saturday –  Review/Preview of the Week

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