Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Blue House :: Weeks 2 & 3

The Blue House :: Week 2 and 3

Sometimes the hardest thing is just doing the work that needs to be done. Other times, it’s just staring at it. That is what this past week has consisted of for me. I had to resign myself to just sitting on the couch, holding my son while he rested or reading to my daughter. Friends, we were sick.

I know it could have been much worse. There was no throw-up and by the grace of God, the dishes and food always got put away eventually. The laundry was folded and put away, with more hung in the evening. The daily messes of life were attended to. That’s pretty good when you have two sick kids and are recovering yourself.

Yet each evening and morning, I’d hope the day would be different. I’d hope the kids would just play and I could just work. But each morning, until Friday, it was the same. We sat around or watched movies, and in snippets I would barely get the daily basics done.

I knew I should remember that dirt will wait and to be thankful for what I could get done. And I did. And I was. At times. But you know these times are… a constant struggle.

And here I am today, the first day I don’t feel like I need a nap during quiet time. I’m hopeful for this week. Last week was full of spiritual work (how fruitful, I don’t know). I hope this week can be full of physical, concrete work. Yet, more so, I hope I can accept whatever kinds of week it is.

Here are some quick lists of what did get accomplished the past two weeks, and what I hope to do this week.

Week 2:

-          sunroom unpacked

-          new daily and weekly rhythms planned

-          new cleaning plan

-          Morning Time and school plans made

-          unpacked my clothes into a dresser from my parents

-          cabinets cleaned

-          some of the floor deep cleaned

-          laundry room shelves and hooks put up (by hubby)

Week 3:

-          kids’ toys organized into 3 rotations

-          kids’ big clothes organized and repacked

-          fan cleaned

-          curtain rods bought

This coming week:

-          finish cleaning the floor

-          clean walls

-          stain boards for entry way

-          paint curtain rods

-          make a plan for icon corner shelves

-          have friends over

-          start feeding the chickens at my parents (!!!)

Here are the pictures:

In case you forgot what it was like before...

And I realize now that my pictures of the sunroom and laundry room are still on my computer at home! Sigh. Well, another time!


  1. Visible progress here! Good for you!
    ~Aunt Maureen

  2. I know what you mean...getting things done, and watching things pile up or go undone are sometimes the same cross. Great progress. Happy for you.