Thursday, February 27, 2014

all these things :: february 27

heart & soul :: I wrote in my last post how I was in desperate need of a clear schedule. I got what I wanted from Monday-Wednesday, but by yesterday, I was about to go crazy. Not because I wanted to get out, but because we were all grouchy due to interrupted sleep for all of us because of Michael’s cold. It’s really hard for me to be joyful and patient when I’m tired. I have been allowing myself to sleep until 7, but it’s getting harder for me to accept having less time to myself and work on some things. I’m really struggling with being okay with not making progress on my goals.
mothering :: Overall, things are going okay, really. It’s just when I feel depleted most of the time, I’m not the mother I should be. We have started doing Morning Time again, and I’ve been doing “school” with Mia again too. We were working on writing numbers, but when accidentally said “letters” she got really excited, so we did that instead. She’s doing well.
home & kitchen :: We got some curtains and a few pictures hung up on Valentine’s Day, but not much else has happened. I have a plan to do more organizing in the extra room and set out all my decorations so I can start thinking about what would look good where.  What little decorating I had done, I redid yesterday. I realized I was doing what I had done in the past (which I never really liked the results). I was putting stuff somewhere because it needed to go somewhere, not because it is what I need to make that space the way I want it. I really want to take my time. Yes, I’ll try to use what I have, but I’m not going to use something just because I have it.
growth :: I’m sure I’m learning and growing during this hard time, but it feels more like being stuck. I am reading a lot, but most of it is more entertaining, although it’s edifying also. ~ I am at least thinking about the garden, and we have a list of what we’d like to grow. I still need to make plan. I’ve been reading through The Self-Sustainable Life and How to Live It some and learning some things. Taking care of my parents’ chickens is helping me form an idea of how I want to raise chickens. We are hoping to bring the chickens to our place this spring, but we have to sit down and really calculate the cost. I sure hope we can make it work!
Looking forward to … SPRING!!! Whenever it gets here. Although, that means my husband will be working 7 days a week, 10 hour days most days, and gone on some weekends. Actually, he already has that schedule. He was gone last weekend. It’s really not that much harder doing all the childcare, and I do enjoy a little extra space here and there, but mostly I miss him and it makes me sad to have him gone so much. Also, right now with only one car, if I don’t take him in, then I am stuck until 7 or 7:30, no matter what kind of day we have… But we are working on that.

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