Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving Update

Our home is naked. Except for all these pine needles on the floor. Which are not vacuumed up because we left the vacuum at the other house on accident. Oh well. Most cleaning has been dropped because, really, why bother? Word is this place will be torn down eventually. Okay, maybe I'm being lazy. Or... maybe I've just been busy. Or maybe it's both.

We packed up the Christmas things. We packed up all the frames and other decorations. Little pieces of furniture will be taken over tomorrow too. That is, if we're allowed to drive.

For those of you not in Indiana, the weather here was -12 or something today, after about a foot of snow yesterday. It will still be cold tomorrow, but hopefully more like 10 degrees. And it should in the the 30s by Friday, which is the big day.

This crazy weather has actually been a blessing. This weekend my husband was at a conference in Texas. He was supposed to come home on Sunday, but instead came back Saturday morning. With all the snow there was no church yesterday, so essentially it felt like a Monday or sort of a Saturday, and today felt like Tuesday, or another Saturday. And he has tomorrow off too. Anyway, this means lots of help with the packing and getting other things done.

By the grace of God, things are really coming together. If I had written this a couple days ago, like I was sort of planning to, I would not be saying that. Instead I'd be writing about how stressed out I am about the things that still need to be bought and figured out.  Yet, since then, we have found a used refrigerator at a good price, and maybe a table too. We've accepted the amount of money we are going to have to spend on various things that we'll just need. And I think I have permission to buy some pink Muck Boots. 'Cause I'll be walkin' in some poo before too long. :) Hello chickens!

So, here are some major differences once we move:
- no Internet (let's see, have I mentioned that at all? Oh, of course I have!)
- building fires to be warm
- We'll have a dishwasher!
- Washer and dryer will be just down the hall instead of downstairs.
- Once we're settled some, I'll be feeding the chickens and gathering eggs.
- Hubby will be leaving for work sooner and coming back later.
- House will be a wreck for a while!
- Short drive to church or parents
- Longer drive to town (but just 10 minutes)
- No trash or recycling pick up
(This list is more for me than you.)

I have been copying pictures from the web into Evernote so that I have plenty of inspiration when planning my decorating. If only I could download some patience... For now, I'm excited about all the possibilities! I hope it can stick, even if things progress slowly.

And in case you're wondering, how do I plan to keep blogging with no Internet? Well, my plan is to write posts in Word, save them on a thumb drive, go to my parents' or the library and use my tablet to upload them and post. I'll probably schedule several posts so they're spread out and consistent. That's the plan. Not a contract. ;)

And now I'm off to price check Carhartt's online. Hopefully we'll be trying things on at a store in town tomorrow to make sure we know what we like. This country girl is comin' back to her roots.

And in case you need something to make you smile, especially after seeing my dirty house... take a look at these cute kids. :)

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  1. I love, "This country girl is coming back to her roots."