Monday, January 13, 2014

How I Plan: Part 1

This Mini-Series

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to share each month how I plan with a preview and review. Since this month is going to be off with basically moving and unpacking, I'm just going to outline my system for this month. In February, I'll show it in action with the preview and review.

As I wrote this, it turned out to be a lot longer than I had originally thought! So instead of bombarding you with a huge post, I’m going to spread it out into five posts. It’ll be a mini-series. While I’m unpacking and trying to adjust, these can quietly be showing up for you to read.

This first post will introduce the series and my thoughts on the system. Next I’ll give you a little history of how I developed my system. After that I’ll dive right into the components of the system. In the following post, I’ll explain how I use the system to plan my month. I’ll tell you how I use it to plan my days for the final post.

Thoughts on My System

I want to start out by making something clear. I’m not saying this is the ultimate or only way to plan. It’s just how I plan. I am so excited to finally find a system that works for me and adapts to changes in our lives without having to rebuild a new system. I realize everyone’s needs are different and everyone’s brains work differently. I’m sharing because maybe it will work for you. Or maybe just one piece. I love reading about how others plan and even if it’s not for me, I usually can take a piece of it and make it work for me.

What I love about my system is that it’s a few components that I use together to meet all of my planning needs. It’s a simple structure that I can adapt to my current needs. And to add to that, it’s free! It’s not a planner I have to buy or even my own sheets that I print out. Wonder how that can be? Find out in the next post! 

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