Friday, January 10, 2014

a home that will house a lot of growth

This house has been labeled "The Blue House."

A year and a half ago, right after Bubby was born, my brother told me about this place. I knew about it. I'd seen it several times since it's on the way to his house. He said our parents were hoping to buy it. My heart lept. I wanted it to be for us. I wanted to live there.

Not because it's a beautiful house. It's not. It's just a manufactured home. But, the land. The location. And just something... something I can't explain.

And then they bought it. And it had to sit some more due to procedure.

But now they own it. And we're moving in! It's a dream come true. A huge blessing from my parents. And God.

They bought it on a tax sale. It sits on six acres. It was forclosed on several years ago and has not been lived in since. There are some cosmetic things (holes in the walls, doorknobs needed, etc.) that we'll get to after we unpack. As far as we can tell, it's fully functional. Since it's a manufactured home, everything about it is really cheap. The walls, the floor, the doors. Not ideal, but I love the layout!

Let me show you this house I'm all excited about. The one that will be our home, at least for another long while. A home that will house a lot of growth.

These pictures will be the before pictures. Once we're in, I post pictures of our stuff every where. It will be scary. But then I'll show the progress, hopefully week by week. I'll need this as motivation.

Since these pictures:
- We have cleaned and vacuumed
- My brother and hubby put in a wood stove (with a tile floor underneath) in the living room. (Thank you so much Justin!)
- My dad installed a dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator (Thanks Dad!)

Here it is!!!
As you walk in the front door...

... turn around and see the front door.


Kitchen with hallway to bedrooms on the right.

Laundry room. (With a door to the back yard on the left.) There's a bit more room to it on the right.

Master bedroom, leading to master bath.

 Master Bathroom

This bathroom is ridiculously big. I had to take four pictures of it to capture all the essential parts. Not looking forward to cleaning this... haha

Toilet (which will be getting replaced soon)

Large tub. Maybe I'll finally become a bath person. :)



Walk in closet. We'll have to buy more clothes to fill this thing up! Or not.

Hallway to other 2 bedrooms and other bathroom.

Dubbed "the green room." Don't be fooled by those stars. They are camo - and they will have a short life in our home, hopefully! The kids will stay here because Sweet Girl chose it. 

Second bathroom. Toilet will also be replaced. The seat came off when I was cleaning it!

Third bedroom. This will be the guest room! :) (I'm very excited about having a guest room.)

This is the dining area.
This is the view of the living room from the dining area.

Off of the dining area, what I think will be my favorite room... "The Sun Room." This will be the office/school/craft room.

Please pray for us as we adjust to a new home!

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