Monday, June 3, 2013

another letter to my readers

I just noticed in my list of posts that this was a draft! Opps! I thought I published this a couple weeks ago... Well, here is now!

Dear faithful readers, 

You have seen many seasons in my blogging. Seasons of quiet, like lately, or a season or two of steady entries - maybe even a noisy season. The truth is, I was not sure what the balance was - for me or this space. The past couple months I have been doing a lot of thinking and praying about this space. I feel ready to make it a consistent part of my life.

There was a hurdle I needed to (and still need to at times) get over: the why. Why write on a screen, usually not knowing if people even read it? And if people do, what they thought and if it benefited them. I tried just not writing; I still wanted to write. I tried writing but not sharing; I still wanted to share. The closest answer I found was this: “Typically, when beauty delights the soul, a person seeks to share the experience. One desires an outlet to communion, someone to share the vision.” (The Feast of Friendship by Paul D. O’Callaghan) The author goes on to explain that by sharing, we form friendships. I love friendship, and I need friends. And I love to write. This blog is a place for me to share the beauty, joy, and delight I find in life in order that others may share in that experience.
After I came to terms with that, the question remained, “What, exactly, do I write about?” You and I don’t have the time for all that goes through my head! I needed focus. And so I realized that what I really want to share is the way I’m growing in my various roles: wife, mother, homemaker, daughter of God, and woman. And I made a plan. 

I’m sure the plan will change here and there, but my goal is to only write about something if fits into these four categories: natural living, food, homemaking, and life.  I realize those are pretty broad, but it does narrow it down some and gives me some focus. I also hope to regularly share some links I find helpful. Because really, everyone else says everything so much better! Overall, I want to try and have something to share once a week. Maybe one or two extra a month. We’ll see! 

As I thought about all these things, ultimately I had to come to terms with a few things. One, I am a writer (and I totally paused before I wrote that because I barely believe it). Whether or not there’s any talent, the fact remains that I enjoy writing. I love it. I need it. And if that’s the definition, then I fit it. Two, I cannot write for affirmation or to please anyone. If I do, then it won’t be genuine. I will admit, I don’t know what my “style” of writing is yet, if I even have one. So, the way I write might change here and there. Which brings me back to you, dear readers... As I grow in this space, as a writer, as a woman, will you give me grace when I stumble? And will you give me a cheer when something blesses you?  I really don’t know what I’m doing, but I feel called to do it. Thank you for joining me.

Love Always,

PS I'm also working on the look of the blog, so please be patient while it's changing looks here and there!

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