Monday, June 10, 2013

a few of my favorite things

Take a little walk with me down memory lane... 

The blouse on the left used to be a dress which I wore to my high school graduation. I turned in into a top right before my wedding and wore it on our honeymoon.

The bag was purchased at a random boutique shortly after I started my first post-college job. It was just want I needed. I used it a long time and loved it!

The third item is a blouse I bought a couple years ago when I was in dire need of a wardrobe redo. We were living in Maine at the time and one of the other baseball wives (and a good friend of mine), who has great style, went shopping with me and helped me. But, alas, grey is not one of my colors, I've since learned.

When I was sorting through my closet a while back, I knew these three things were underused, but I couldn't bring myself to pass them along.

 And then I had an idea... and finally, much later, I did it! 

Here is it!

I simply took the flowers from the grey top and stitched it to the bag. Then I sewed fabric from the other blouse over the ratty handles. It gave the bag new life! I plan to use it exclusively for my latest favorite thing: "My Day."

It's a new thing in this house. It's a day where my husband is in charge for the day and I'm free to do what I want. I got the idea from the book A Mother's Rule of Life.  I'm super happy (and blessed!) to have it!

Have you re-purposed anything lately?

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