Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Projects: Recipes, jars and more

Although I feel behind and a tad overwhelmed at the moment, I have actually accomplished a lot this month so far. It being the 9th day and all. Here's a look:

I bought the big, half gallon jars and my mom gave me all the quart and smaller jars. It feels so organized and looks nice too! The top shelf has grains, second baking goods, and the bottom shelf has the gluten free flours, as well as whole wheat. I wish I had room in my kitchen, but it's better we keep them in the "mud room" because it's cooler. They say you should refrigerate gluten free flours, but I just don't have room in my fridge.

I cleaned out my recipe box leaving only those recipes I still want to try. I organized all my tried and true favorites into a book my mother-in-law gave me a few Christmases ago, and made a master menu planning list of all the dishes and side dishes we love. I have to say I was pretty giddy at the completion of my "Family Favs" book - all those wonderful food ideas in one place!

I made this cute pencil roll for my niece who turned six last week. Her party is tomorrow so hopefully she'll like it! I admit, it is far, far from perfect, but maybe she won't notice... being six and all. I complimented the gift with a notepad for her to doodle or write in. The party is ballerina themed so I have an excuse to put Sweet Girl in a super fun, ruffled skirt! Yay!

No pictures, but I'm happy to say I made gluten free yeast bread and gluten free noodles for the first time this week! AND they both turned out pretty good! Especially the noodles. (And they were easy-wow!)

Now I'm working on Christmas shopping and drowning, er, swimming in doubt about what is best, when to buy, etc., etc., etc. Good thing I have over a month still!

What are you working on?

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