Saturday, September 4, 2010

So I'm Way Behind...

I didn't get around to posting this week like I would have liked to. A lot has been going on around here, some nights had later bed times and other nights I just didn't feel like it. So I'm going to play catch up, quickly, in one post.

Thoughtful Tuesday - As I lovingly gaze at my beautiful baby girl, I think about how cute babies are. Anything baby and all babies. And people love babies! Everyone says she's so beautiful, and of course I agree, but all babies are. And then I think about how each and every one of us were once babies. We were all loved unconditionally solely because we were babies and therefore cute and lovable. When do people stop being loved immediately? Aren't we all the same people as we grow up? And aren't we all still children of God... siblings of one another? These thoughts roll around in my head often and I feel compelled to be more loving toward everyone, as if they are still a beautiful baby. Sadly, I forget this when I am actually around people. Maybe it'll sink in more over time. God help me!

Around the Home Thursday

Around here has been packing, laundry and packing! Also, in my head I have been planning what I want to do in the off season. For one, I want to try and cook gluten-free again, for Will's eczema. Also, last fall when we cut out so many carbs by avoiding wheat mainly, I lost weight. But then I got pregnant... hence the wanting to lose weight again!! I have found a few great blogs and there are some awesome recipes I want to try out. I am SO excited to cook in my own kitchen again with all my wonderful kitchen things! Also, I am just going to focus on finishing a cross stitch project (hopefully by Christmas) and keep working on our scrapbook. I want to have a weekly schedule including grocery shopping, library, thrift stores (bi-weekly), and visits to my sister-in-law's. We'll see how it all turns out, but I am excited to create a little home for my wonderful husband and daughter!

A Word of Faith Friday

I have been praying lately mainly about the upcoming week and the transition we will be going through. I pray for smooth traveling, especially that it won't be stressful for Mia. I pray for a job for Will and that he can trust God that one will turn up. I feel confident that God has something - something just right - and that it will reveal itself quickly... not that we aren't looking too. I pray for Mia's upcoming baptism on the 18th. (I feel that I don't really realize it's actually going to happen! So much else is happening before it, it's overload to focus on it!!) And I pray for overall grace as we move into the off season... it's always a bit stressful. It's nice to see family and to be back home, but it's a lot of work getting unpacked and settled. It will be even more so this time with a baby! So I just pray God is with us and guides us.

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