Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Projects

I want to start blogging again because I’m super excited about some projects I want to work on this year. Now that I feel more adjusted to having two and figured out just how much time I have to do “me” things, I feel I can really get some things done, including writing here once in a while.

My disclaimer is that what I write is going to be simple and far from perfect. I won’t be sharing the inner workings of my heart (although there is so, so much going on) – I don’t have the brain capacity or time to articulate all that. What I write won’t be clever. And there may be a lot of misspellings and grammatical errors. Forgive me. I’m sure you are all smart enough to know what I mean anyway.
Instead I want to share the progress in my projects. Maybe more so for myself so I can see the progress… and look back on it.

So what are these “projects”? I’ll just share the first in case I don’t even get to the others!
I want to redecorate our home. We are staying here a little more long term than we had originally thought (thankfully!). When we moved in, I basically took what I already had and did whatever I could. It’s really hodge-podge.

This is what I mean by redecorating:
1.       Take each room and identify “problems”
2.       Come up with solutions that are cheap (or free)
3.       If I have to spend money, try to use it on things we can take with us when we leave.

Recently my friend Rachel gave the advice to pick five words to describe how you want your house to feel and focus on that. It was given to someone else, but I took it to heart (and took it literally – so me…) and here are my five:
1.       Cozy – think comfortable, coffeehouse, and homey
2.       Colorful – Color just makes me happy.
3.       Tidy – I’m not going to strive for spicky clean, but I don’t want clutter.
4.       Functional – As in things are in practical places so we can just get on with life.
5.       Coordinating – Not matchy-matchy, but not clashing either.  I don’t want people feeling like they are going from one scene to the next when walking through the house!

First room: Kitchen. I pretty much know what I am going to do, but still looking at ideas.
I have no timeline – not sure when I’ll get it finished. But when I do, I’ll post before and after pictures and talk about it! 

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