Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A sweet  quiet moment.

We returned home from the Vazquez family vacation last week and caught up on sleep over the weekend. I feel I am finally able to exhale and take a deep breath of fresh air. The last thing on our string of big summer events is over. I feel the time for normalcy to take over has come. (I sure hope so at least.) But the normalcy is not “life as it was.” It’s a new way of life.

I have really enjoyed being able to get back into our routines and I look forward to sticking to them. There's no big thing to plan and prepare for, then do or go to. And hopefully no surprises. I have a lot of little projects I have been tackling now that I have my time freed up.

Corn (given by friends) waiting to be blanched and frozen. Ahh, summer. :)

A few exciting things are happening in September.  For one, we’re getting the internet! I’m thrilled! It was nice for a while to be without, but it has become a hassle. I hope to use the internet in moderation and still make time for reading and other important things. Yet, with the internet at home, I won’t have to leave to do some shopping, blogging, or look something up.

Also in September I am starting school with Mia. Nothing too complicated. Some Circle Time (calendar, songs, memorization, reading, etc.) and then learning our phonics! I bought "Spell to Write and Read." We’ll just do a little every day, and maybe a little bit of fun math stuff here and there. I don’t see us spending more than an hour each day. And then there’s seasonal clothes shopping (which I love!) and celebrating our anniversary. 

Oh, and yes, I have a big project to reveal on September 1st! I will share what that is next week. Until then, take care friends.

The kids love the bikes they got for their birthdays!


  1. I love that top picture, of the children "decompressing." :-)

    1. Yes, I love it when they do that! I "decompress" some too! :)