Friday, January 13, 2012

Homemade Christmas Gifts

As promised...

Two sets of this, a matching set. One for Sweet Girl and one for a niece. 
I just painted the pieces and made little boxes for the containers which are plastic freezer jars (and BPA free!).

Reverseable bags. One for my sister and two for nieces. They each got their initial on the front. 
These were simple, but it felt like they took forever to complete because I had to work in small segments of time. I was impressed at how well they came out! Not by my handiwork, for sure, but just a very good design!

A felt cupcake building set for a niece. I got the idea here.
I also made a pencil roll like for this niece, but I didn't take a picture of it.

Flower hair clips. One for a sister-in-law and another for a niece. 
I also made headbands for my sister-in-law but I forgot to take pictures of them. 

Popscile memory game. One for a niece and one for my godson. There are six sets. I got the idea from here

It sure felt like I did more, but I guess that's it! 

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